The Loomers

Jon Svetkey

Back in the 1990s, before his current job as stay-at-home dad to two beautiful children, Jon headlined at dozens of folk clubs, colleges and coffeehouses throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Club Passim, The Bluebird Cafe, Eddie's Attic, Caffe Lena, Canal Street Tavern, Cafe Carpe, The Blue Moon Coffeehouse at Illinois   more»

Everett Pendleton

Everett is a musician's musician. Not only does he play guitar with great chops and exquisite taste, he is also one of the most amazing singers you'll ever hear. His distinct guitar playing and soaring harmonies are key elements in The Loomers' sound. Plus, he has a smile that lights   more»

Jack Cavalier

From the moment Jack joined The Loomers in 1997 it was obvious he was the perfect guy for the job. He holds down the bottom with understated taste, wears cool shoes, and is the undisputed king of the elusive "George Harrison harmony." On top of that, he's also an expert   more»

Michael Cahill

Michael has been a student of all things percussive for over 30 years. Among his major influences are Buddy Rich, Max Roach, Frank Zappa and John Coltrane. He has received recognition in several regional drum contests, appeared in Modern Drummer and Drum! Magazine, and has studied at the prestigious Drum   more»

Tom Simons

Tom debuted with The Loomers in 1999 at the PARTNERS simons holiday party -- playing guitar and singing Slim Harpo's "Scratch My Back." Although he continues to play regularly with the band, he has not been allowed to sing since. With the easy and enviable assignment to make Everett look   more»

Rob Laurens

An accomplished songwriter in his own right, Rob won the New Folk Award for Songwriting at both the Kerrville and Columbia River Folk Festivals, and returned to play the main stage at these and many other festivals. Rob has lived and traveled throughout the United States, learning folk music from   more»

Heather Quay

Heather is an accomplished performer and singer/songwriter who has been on the stage for many years. As one half of the folk duo Quay & O’Conor, she performed at colleges and clubs, including Columbia University, CBGBs and Club Passim, and released an album of original music (now available digitally)! For   more»

Jeff Isen

Jeff Isen is our newest member but what he lacks in band longevity he more than makes up for in sheer amount of instruments played. He's the ultimate swing man/secret weapon. Jeff plays mandolin, harmonica, percussion, guitar and -- wait for it -- trombone and sings harmony too! He's also   more»