Everett Pendleton

Everett Pendleton
Everett is a musician's musician. Not only does he play guitar with great chops and exquisite taste, he is also one of the most amazing singers you'll ever hear. His distinct guitar playing and soaring harmonies are key elements in The Loomers' sound. Plus, he has a smile that lights up the room.

Everett and Jon have played together since 1993. In fact, their first gig together was at The Hatch Shell in Boston. Since then, Everett has played on Jon's yeahyeahyeah album and all of The Loomers' albums. Everett also toured around the country with Jon on many occasions, performing what you might call a "Loomers Lite" duo show.

Over the years, Everett has become an incredibly in-demand musician.  He regularly teaches at the Bass Workshop in New Hampshire, plays (bass guitar!) with several local musicians, and recently appeared on a DVD with some famous jazz musicians in Brazil.  To paraphrase Freakazoid, "HE'S GOT LEGS BABY!  HE'S EVERYWHERE!"

Oh yeah, did we mention he's also a fine songwriter in his own right?

updated: 7 months ago